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Ask 10 people what “Bauhaus” means and you get 10 different definitions.

“It’s all about streamlined, modern architecture, isn’t it?”
“It’s those funky chairs in the office.”
“Well-designed and well-priced?”

Bauhaus is all of those and more. Think lamps and pottery, paintings and typefaces, urban planning and even babies’ cradles. From its foundation in 1919, the Bauhaus movement has been, and continues to be, a huge influence on the way we live. This design revolution started south of Berlin, in the cities of Weimar and Dessau. They are in BauhausLand, the German Federal States of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, and in 2019, when they celebrate the centenary, they are welcoming the world.



Visit the birthplace of an international design revolution

Go Design

Bauhaus and Design? Where less is more.

Look around: at home, in the office, outdoors. So many everyday designs show the influence of Bauhaus. And what was revolutionary then still looks modern now.

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Go Culture

Bauhaus and Democracy? Art for all.

What is art? Who is it for? The founders of Bauhaus wrestled with such questions. For them, culture had to be wide-ranging. And it should include fun!

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Go Garden

Bauhaus and Back Yards? Living indoors and out.

Step outside; relax; live in the garden. Bauhaus was about more than “indoors”; easy-to-manage outdoor spaces were also part of the Bauhaus way of life.

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Go History

Bauhaus and History? Agents of Change.

From respected thinkers, ingenious inventors and great composers to the idea of Christmas trees and kindergartens, people from BauhausLand have changed history.

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Go Lifestyle

Bauhaus and Women? Unsung Heroines.

Bauhaus challenged the Establishment, with new views on society, the workplace and the role of women. And in the Roaring 20s, nowhere was wilder than BauhausLand.

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Go Urban

Bauhaus and Urban Planning? Street smart.

A century ago, as people flocked to live in cities, Bauhaus professors thought about urban planning. And in BauhausLand today, you can still visit their projects.

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